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Football Manager Chat

Football Manager is a quality manager game about soccer. There’s also Championship Manager which is similar to Football Manager. If you play one of these games, you can find some game fans of both games on this channel. There are many male and female FM fans on the chat room. It’s a quality game chat platform with many good options. You can register to get a nickname or you can use a temporary nickname to use all these nice features. Or you don’t even need to get a nickname to chat here. All features are free! No registration and no...

Xat Game Chat

Xat Game Chat is one of the most famous chat platforms on internet. You can chat with many game fans on this chat room. It’s only text chat and it doesn’t require any registration. You will find information and conversation on many flash games, video games, pc games and old DOS games. If you are interested with such games we recommend this game chat for you. There are always many online people on the chat room and many online female and male game fans. There are also some LOL game fans on the site. You will enjoy while you are...

League of Legends Chat Room

Do you want to meet other players of League of Legends? You will able to meet with American, Turkish, Canadian, Australian, English, Venezuelan, Brazilian, Colombian, Greek, Asian players of LOL on here. You can chat with them on this game chat and you can make new friends on League of Legends. It won’t require you to register to the site and you can enter to chat room as a guest. You will also chat with girls who are playing on the game and many other good players. Have a good chat!

Rizon RPG Chat

If you would like play RPG while you are chatting on IRC, Rizon chat is providing you a good service about that. You can talk to people on this channel and you can create a new character for yourself. If you want to play this game without having any problem, you can click on the link which you will see on the channel. There are terms and rules and information about how to play RPG on there. It’s a free game and no registration required for this service. There are items, penalties, quest and battles on this service! Good luck...