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Football Chat

Football chat is a simple text chat room where you can meet football fans. You are going to chat with Barça fans, Arsenal fans, Manu Fans, Real Madrid fans, Galatsaray fans and any other football club fans from other countries. It’s free but registration is required. You should enter a valid username, password and e-mail address while you register to the site. The registration is also require you to activate your mail with activation code. Then you will able to chat on the site freely!

Soccer Chat on DalNet

There are many good chat rooms on DalNet and you can find many chat rooms there about many subjects. One of them is abbout soccer. If you would like to join this chat room, you can enter there from here. You won’t need any IRC client to enter DalNet. You can chat with people text and support your own Football Team on the channel. There are generally many online people on the channel when there’s an important match. If you would like to chat about soccer, we recommend this channel for you. No registration required! You can also learn match...

Asian Bookie Chat

Would you like to get tips about football matches of Asia and would you like to learn match results whole around the world? You can enter this chat room and you can get answer of your questions about football matches. It’s free to chat here and you don’t need to register to site at all! All you need to do is getting a nickname before you connect to site. You need to have flash installed in your browser, if you want to use this chat service. Asian Bookie chat is a service of Rizon chat and it’s free!

World Cup Chat

Would you like to talk to foreign people about past and incoming World Cup tournaments? You can talk anything about football in this channel and you can meet with new friends from different countries. It has only text chat feature and it’s quite safe to talk to people on here. You can meet with people from USA, UK, Ireland, Scotland, Netherlands, Indonesia, Argentina on this channel and you can talk them about football. World Cup 2014 has just finished, but people started to talk about 2018 Russia tournament on the channel. Join them and begin to discuss about the most...